Siripanna Villa Resport & Spa

Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai
Happiness fulfilled in the Lanna style.

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Discover Divana Spa: A Premier Wellness Spa in Thailand

At Divana Spa, we're not just a spa; we're a wellness destination. As a leading spa in Thailand with global recognition, we focus on integrating local wisdom, natural experiences, and exceptional service to create the ultimate "Wellness Spa" experience. Our goal is to provide sustainable health care, and we're dedicated to achieving that in every aspect of our service. The distinctive allure of Divana Spa lies in our many branches, each housed in charming old houses with unique architectural features. Our interior design and treatment programs are carefully curated to provide an unforgettable wellness experience.

Introducing Divana Lana Spa: Chiang Mai's Hidden Gem

Nestled within the picturesque Siripanna Villa Resort and Spa in Chiang Mai, Divana Lana Spa is a hidden gem that exudes an aura of goodness. Our concept, "The Color of Diversity Tribes," blends the rich Lanna culture with the vibrant traditions of Chiang Mai's diverse tribes. Surrounded by nature, we offer nine spa rooms, each named after a local tribe, such as Yang Kale, Lhu, Lisu, Palaung, Yao Mien, Kahamu, AKHA, Hmonk, Dara Ang, and Karen. These rooms are adorned with the colors of each tribe, creating a beautiful and culturally rich atmosphere. We also use rice-based products to pamper your skin and offer unique activities like rice planting, gathering non-toxic fresh vegetables, and Lanna-style morning almsgiving to monks.

Unwind with Our Signature Massages

One of the standout services at Divana Lana Spa is our diverse range of massages, catering to your specific needs. Choose from traditional Thai massages, aromatic therapy massages, herbal compress massages, and Thai yoga massages for a truly revitalizing experience. We ensure you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Visit Divana Spa and Divana Lanna Spa to experience the epitome of wellness, rejuvenation, and cultural immersion in the heart of Thailand.