Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai

シリパンナ ヴィラリゾート&スパ チェンマイ

Dining & Transfers

Welcome to Nakwan Cafe: A Thai Teak Lanna House and Flower Garden in the heart of City at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai.

Discover Nakwan Cafe, a hidden gem within the Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa in Chiang Mai, where traditional Thai charm meets modern elegance. From a vibrant flower garden in daylight to the celestial dance of stars at night, Nakwan Cafe promises a sensory experience like no other.

Daytime Splendor: Blooms in the Flower Garden.

As the sun graces Chiang Mai, Nakwan Cafe unfolds amidst a picturesque flower garden. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty while enjoying our delightful menu.

Nighttime Enchantment: Starlit Wonders.

As twilight falls, Nakwan Cafe transforms into a celestial haven, with the teak house adorned by a blanket of stars. Dine under the night sky and create memories that sparkle as bright as the constellations above. Join us for an unforgettable evening from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Award-winning 3-star Dust Reduction Room

Project "Dust Reduction Room" in Chiang Mai Province 2024

The first hotel in Chiang Mai Province to offer dust-reduced rooms and restaurants. It is equipped with a positive pressure system that draws in outside air, filters it, kills bacteria, and then continuously pumps it into the room. This system also helps to push out polluted air. In addition, the room is equipped with an air purifier to ensure maximum air filtration efficiency. All of this ensures that guests enjoy clean, fresh air throughout their stay.

シリパンナ ヴィラリゾート&スパ チェンマイ

〒50000チェンマイ県ムアンチェンマイ郡ワットケート町ラードウティット通り 36番地

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