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The Natural Spa of the Lanna
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Panna Spa

The Natural Spa of the Lanna

Over time, Lanna’s natural health knowledge has been passed down the generations to be experienced by everybody who visits our spa. Your experiences will include a natural restoration of the body in a holistic manner, found among the tranquil qualities shown through the Lanna culture, architecture and its services at the Panna Spa.

Our professional therapists are ready to indulge you with our signature treatments which brings the Lanna healing methods/ qualities to life, such as; the tapping line massage known as Tok Sen, our Thai Herbal compress massage etc.

These natural techniques and manipulation will refill your body and soul; invigorating you through the natural powers of the Lanna way.

Panna spa: Discover your new experience of our unique Spa treatments, which can invigorate and awaken your nine senses. These treatments can penetrate and restore with natures hidden powers deep within you.

Our unique treatments, from the help of our Lanna ancestor’s, can combine your body and soul to one of our unique 9 programs of the senses.

  1. A sense of soul: Filling the power from nine gem waves, which fits with your soul
  2. A sense of balance: A treatment of balance restoration
  3. A sense of pain: A treatment of pain relief
  4. A sense of thermal: A treatment of herb and temperature
  5. A sense of sound: A treatment for the mind and body – relaxation from the touch
  6. A sense of sight: A treatment from gold, which will invigorate your sight
  7. A sense of aroma: A treatment based on a blood type, to build the strength from our inner to outer self
  8. A sense of touch: A treatment from our unique Lanna style of massage
  9. A sense of taste: A treatment through touch to bring out the power from our outer to inner self

The Panna Spa embraces you with another super natural power of the Silver and Golden Bodhi trees: this sacred tree here in Thailand, spreads out binding together a hundred year old pond to let you experience the power of “restoration and replenishment”. One of life’s unexplainable mysteries.

Panna spa offers a service with:

  • Suite – 4 rooms
  • Deluxe – 2 rooms
  • Thai massage – 1 room
  • Facial treatment – 2 rooms

All rooms are equipped with a private shower, steam room, toilet and personal changing room. The 9 rooms arenamedafter the “Nopparat”: diamond suite, ruby room, emerald suite, yellow sapphire suite, garnet suite, blue sapphire room, moon room, blue zircon room, cat’s eye room.

Our other wellness services we offer are:

  • The jogging track
  • The Bodhi meditation court
  • The rice meditation walkway
  • The rice field yoga court
  • The organic cuisine cooking class

Our services
The Tok Sen Panna massage - 60 or 90 minutes

Tok sen is a true Lanna massage treatment that invigorates through the technique of rhythm. Using special oils from the Tamarind tree along with herbal compresses for your massage. This service also includes a herbal tea foot massage, along with serving you jasmine rice snacks and organic tea.

Panna Spa’s signature massage
The royal 9 gem golden retreat – 240 minutes

9 Gems in the history of Thailand was called Nopparat, this is the most prestigious and auspicious accessory for Thai Royal families. The gemstone selected is by the month of your birth. While you experience the massage, you will feel as if you are reliving the history of the Royal Lanna family.
Enlighten your soul and restore the equilibrium with the ultimate treatment of fragrance and the golden oil massage. Your body will be pampered with the senses and fragrance of 9 flowers and gold. Before you experience the final beautifying touches of this journey; your facial skin will be cleansed, toned and revitalised in the manner of a royal golden facial, leaving you glisten like a perfect sunset.
This full luxurious package includes an organic herbal tea foot ritual, an aromatic steam (30), the golden flora body treatment with banana leaves (30), the Panna 9 gems stone massage (90), a royal gold facial (90) along with being served Jasmine rice snacks and organic tea.

Panna flora detox treatment

The Pann flora detox retreat is a balanced approach of restoration. The Detox retreat is an opportunity to rebalance and regain your own personal needs. Your skin will be exfoliated and detoxified by lotus seeds that are infused with pink tourmaline and followed by the lotus body wrap. The massage will boost your immune system through our multi-rich vitamin and fragrant aromatic oils. Your whole body will be treated from the back, neck and shoulder areas to boost your immune system throughout the body.
This detox treatment is made up of an organic herbal tea foot ritual, the nine flora aromatic steam (30), the lotus flora gem scrub (30), the lotus body wrap and facial point drainage (60), the Panna detox massage (60) along with being served Jasmine rice snacks and organic tea.

The journey of Panna
Panna rice gem therapy – 150 minutes

An absolute must for all travellers; this true Lanna experience is designed especially for the Panna spa.

This treatment is one to invigorate your entire body through the Jasmine rice gem scrub, followed by an organic flora gem-nourishing bath, followed by the traditional Tok Sen massage.

This rice gem therapy is made up of an organic herbal tea foot ritual, a Jasmine rice gem body scrub (30), an organic flora gem nourishment bath (30), the Panna Tok Sen massage (90), whilst enjoying Jasmine rice snacks and organic tea.

The organic garden Thai therapy - 180 minutes

For this treatment we use our organically grown rice from our own fields. It has been discovered over the centuries, that Thai herbs and rice’sare known for its high vitamin and essential mineral content. At the Panna spa, we have improved the recipe to suit all skin types including sensitive skin. The banana has been

discovered to help reduce skin inflammation. Pamper your body with a relaxing pressure-point massage applied to various zones on the feet and ears to stimulate and balance your body, to help relieve the pain, reduce stress and improve circulation together with our well-recognised Thai massage.

This wonderful therapy provides you with an organic herbal tea foot ritual, an organic fresh herbal steam (30), an organic banana rice scrub (30), the organic flora gem nourishing treatment (30), a Thai reflexology massage (90) along with being served Jasmine rice snacks and organic tea.

Panna's kid spa
Golden fruity hand spa - 30 minutes
Golden fruity body scrub - 45 minutes

This treatment starts with our selected fruity jelly body scrub to exfoliate dull skin to uncover your bright golden skin, with our delicious jellies that work as food for your skin. This package also includes an organic hand soak, fruity jelly body scrub, hand and foot massage with our exotic flora Panna oil. You will be served jasmine rice snacks and wellness drink.

Rainbow bubble foot spa – 30 minutes

With our unique blend of rice into our vitamin and mineral scrub, it will help re-energise and soften your skin. This creamy bubble scrub removes dead cells whilst increasing blood circulation to your feet. You will have the sensation of floating on air. This package includes an organic herbal tea foot ritual, a bubble scrub and leg massage. You will also be served jasmine rice snacks and wellness drink.

Natural golden touch massage – 30 / 45 minutes

We have been taught that through the simple care of touch children’s concentration can be increased and aggression decreased. This massage promotes better sleep, growth, improves their bodies immunity and expands on the intellect. Products used are intentionally formulated for sensitive and delicate skin. The package includes an organic herbal tea foot ritual. You will also be served jasmine rice snacks and wellness drink.

‘Jit Pawana’ meditation course

Wat Praram IV Kanchanapisek, the Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai corporations put together the ‘Jit Pawana’ course for the general public. It is ideal for people who would like to get mental rest, make merit and practice meditation in a serene, comfortable and natural environment. A session where an exchange of dharma knowledge that drives good motivation for both Thai and global societies is also on offer. This meditation course is run every month; for further information you should contact the Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai.

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