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arom:D Spa

“arom: D” the international standards and quality Thai spa brand with numerous domestic and international branches, “arom:D” is now open in Chiang Mai. "arom:D spa @ Siripanna Chiang Mai" is a part of Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai and combines the culture and architecture of Lanna with excellent spa services.

The two storey building that houses “arom:D spa @ Siripanna Chiang Mai” is designed in intricate detail with wood furnishings throughout. It’s warmth and closeness to nature will mean that each step into the spa will ease guests into relaxation.

The walls of the spa are adorned with traditional paintings depicting facets of the Lanna Kingdom and life.

The spa offers a service with:

  • 5 Thai Massage Beds
  • 2 Double Deluxe Spa Treatment rooms with private steam shower
  • 3 Double Luxury Spa Treatment rooms with private steam shower and bathtub
  • 1 Double Spa Treatment Suite with private steam shower, bathtub and terrace

All rooms are equipped with a private shower, steam room, toilet and personal changing room

arom:D Signature Journey

Spa May Promotion

Lanna Ceremony Package

Golden Candle Dance Therapy - 210 minutes, 5,900 THB

Price are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government tax, currently 7%.

Aromatic relaxing bathe to release the muscle continue pampering your body with the nature ingredients before sooth the muscle by Candle Therapy, it is developed from candlelit Lanna dancing in ceremonies for royalty. The candle was invented from Lanna dancing (Fon-Tien). It is a smooth dancing. Relax muscles with the warmth of the candle is melted as a massage oil. The weight of the massage is moderate finishing with facial more refreshing

Lanna Floral Gold Scrub 30 minutes
Aromatic Floral Candle Bath 30 minutes
Golden Candle Massage 90 minutes
Golden Honey Facial 60 minutes

Muay Thai Spa Package - 180 minutes, 5,500 THB

Price are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government tax, currently 7%.

Nature of Lanna Tradition is rice farm, Rice has many benefits whether it is with the skin, face and the treatment of this idea is derived from the way of life of the villagers by rice. Start relaxing in a warm water of rice milky bath and polisher with rice mixed with scent of pandanus leaves follow by Muay Thai massage with the signature movement, which corresponds to the way of life of the people in rice farm. Using rice bran oil for massage and healing the muscle tight after work and refresh facial skin care products with rice to purify brightening your face and tighten pores

Rice Milky Bath 30 minutes
Organic Rice body scrub 30 minutes
Muay Thai Massage 60 minutes
Organic Rice facial 60 minutes

Award Guarantee

  • 2013 Spa Educator of the Year by Thailand Spa and Wellbeing Awards
  • 2016 Thailand Spa and Wellbeing awards
  • 2017 Innovative spa of the yearLuxury Travel Guide awards, London
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